ChristineTopanga House Listings

Topanga was named by the Tongva tribe, and the word means ‘a place above’. Visitors to the area will certainly appreciate the significance of the name, as Topanga is surrounded by hills and mountains. The close proximity of Topanga to Hollywood meant that several stars spent quiet weekends in Topanga, away from Hollywood and several homes were built to accommodate the stars. A prospective buyer will find that they can choose a number of Topanga house listings, which includes several new houses as well as many older Topanga houses, which still offer the star-studded ambience which are reminiscent of the days when Topanga was a weekend getaway for Hollywood celebrities. Many of the Topanga house listings are homes which enjoy the privacy and seclusion, and are wonderful canyon sanctuaries, while other of the Topanga house listingsare beach cottages or sprawling mansions-again, a reminder of the celebrity influence. A number of famous musicians, artists and actors can still be seen in Topanga and many of them have made Topanga their fulltime home. Most Topanga homes have been designed by well-known architects, and the designer has captured the natural beauty of Topanga.

One of the most recent of Topanga house listings is an elegant and unusual prairie-styled home which was designed by an architectural team who won awards for their design talent and their unique designs. The prairie-styled home has been constructed with a number of contemporary or modern building materials like glass, steel and polished concrete and the use of these materials adds style and elegance to the home. Other of the Topanga house listings include the very stylish Mediterranean home that has actually been built into the canyon and as with other Topanga house listings, this home has wonderful clear views of the beach and of the surrounding mountainside. Topanga borders on state parks and conservatory lands and the welcoming, almost hippy atmosphere of the town attracts a mix of people, from celebrities to young couples and retirees who look for homes which will allow them to enjoy their golden years. Virtually all of the Topanga house listingshave beautifully landscaped gardens, and the landscaping of the homes has been done in way that attention is drawn to the natural environment.

Unlike many of the commercialized towns, Topanga is still relaxed and pleasant and several investors view the Topanga house listings to purchase an investment property, which they can lease to Topanga residents or vacationers. The houses can generate a year-round income and investors do not find it difficult to lease the Topanga houses. For more on the area and view the Topanga house listings browse the Topanga Malibu Property website, Property buyers are attracted to Topanga for many reasons-either the celebrity influence of town, or the fact that the Topanga house listings include beach cottages or sprawling canyon properties. Topanga has many outdoor activities, from horseback riding to hiking and rock claiming, making it the perfect vacation destination.