ChristineTopanga House Listing

The Topanga house listings which can be seen on our website are perfect for a young couple, or a family with small children, as well as a retiree who is looking to enjoy his/her retirement years in tranquility. Christine Kapetan is a realtor in Malibu Topanga, who with the drive to succeed, has managed to grow her business in spite of the recent property market falls. Christine, however, does a lot more than simply match the Topanga house listing up with a prospective buyer, as since she understands that home buying is a personal experience and a major expense, Christine always ensures that the interests of her clients are protected. As all other realtors, buyers and sellers play an important part in the success of a real estate agent and both buyers and sellers will find that Christine goes the extra mile to make certain that the interests of both parties are protected. To a Topanga house listing, take a moment to browse the Topanga Malibu Property website, Listings include a Topanga house listing for gorgeous oceanfront property as well as a Topanga house listing for the canyon retreats, which have proven to be excellent real estate investment choices. Topanga is an area which is made up of both coastal and mountainous properties and to this end, each Topanga house listingoffers something different and buyers are assured of finding their perfect Topanga property.

One Topanga house listing is a property in Cave Way, Topanga. The canyon property is flanked on all sides by boulders, streams and waterfalls and this is a great Topanga house listing for a holiday home buyer or as a home for a creative artist who wants to find a peaceful haven. The floor plan of the property was designed to show off the surrounding beauty of the area and the multiple decks of the home are perfect for both indoor and outdoor entertaining. To find out more details about this charming, but elegant property, take a moment to browse the Topanga Malibu website. A number of the properties featured on our site are remote canyon properties, which are quite a way off from the central or popular beaches, and this is the preferred Topanga house listing for a buyer who wants to enjoy year-round peace. The other Topanga house listings are made of gorgeous beachfront properties and they boast the most incredible ocean views and of course, offer easy access to beaches. The Topanga house listingis a great choice for a holiday home buyer, or the family seeking great beachfront property in Southern California.

While visiting the Topanga Malibu website, to view a Topanga house listing, like the lovely beachside home in Topanga, CA, which is has a private garden lined with mature trees, the online users can find out more about our real estate agency and more about the area. The beach home listing offers access to surrounding stores and is just steps from the beach. This property is listed at $799,000 and images of the interior and exterior of the home may be seen via our website.