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Malibu Real Estate

Sometimes, as I peruse my listings for all the Malibu homes for sale, I often marvel at the deep, rich history of the Malibu area, and how many times Malibu real estate has changed hands over the years. If you’re in the mood for a bit of a history lesson that explains why Malibu real estate is so sought after, and so frequently sold, just sit back and let me explain a little bit about where Malibu came from.

Thousands of years ago, Malibu was settled by a tribe of Native Americans called the Chumash – a peaceful people who populated California’s southern coast, who subsisted largely on the ample fishing and game available throughout the area. Carvings and cave paintings throughout the Malibu and Topanga area show that the Chumash were a vibrant and creative people, and often used colored paints to depict their history on boulders and cave walls. They also carved tribal symbols into local trees to act as guideposts for travelers. In fact, some researchers believe the Chumash used these tree carvings as a sort of calendar that tracked the stars and predicted the progression of seasons.

The Chumash referred to the area as “Humaliwoo”. Spanish settlers began arriving in the mid to late 1500’s, and the missionary efforts of the Spanish explorers brought the Chumash tribes together in small villa-style hamlets. These mini-villages were the beginnings of cities and towns in Southern California, and most Malibu real estate can trace its origin back to the founding of one of the many local missions constructed between the 17th and 18th centuries.

As the missionary efforts expanded, and Chumash language began to intertwine more deeply with that of the neighboring Spanish settlers, the name of the area was shortened to “Maliwoo”.

After the transfer of ownership of California to the United States, English settlers began travelling to the California coast. With the gold rush in 1849, Malibu real estate and surrounding areas blossomed into townships overnight. With English quickly becoming the dominant language, “Maliwoo” became Malibu – a name that’s stuck until the present day – and will likely last forever.

All the Malibu homes for sale in the area are some of the most gorgeous in existence, and after taking some time to understand the rich history and native culture of the Malibu area, I’ve come to appreciate the land even more – and I try to help my clients feel that way too.

It’s easy to see why Malibu real estate could so easily support a massive indigenous people who relied on fishing and gathering for survival. The coastal areas of Malibu are gorgeous all year round, with warm sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see in either direction. Inland, green grass and trees dominate the landscape, with forests and fertile ground in all directions.

Once home to artistic Native Americans, then to Spanish settlers and missionaries; once a bustling gold rush town, now a peaceful and serene coastal community; the nature of Malibu real estate has changed many times over the centuries, but it remains as beautiful and scenic as its always been.