ChristineMalibu Real Estate Listings

Christine Kapetan is a real estate agent in Malibu, Topanga, who through determination and hard work, has managed to stay at the top of her field, regardless of the recent market falls. However, Christine does far more than match the Malibu real estate listings with potential buyers-she appreciates that home buying is personal and a major investment and to this end, Christine will ensure that her client’s interests are protected. As with all real estate agents, buyers and sellers are vital components of their livelihood and whether buying or selling, Christine will put in all the extra efforts needed to make certain all parties are content. To view the Malibu real estate listings, feel free to visit the Topanga Malibu Property website, The listings are made up of gorgeous beachfront property and contrasting canyon retreats. The region is made up of costal and mountainous properties and as such, the Malibu real estate listings are diverse and buyers will find the perfect property in Malibu.

For a young, newly married couple, those with small children, or a couple seeking to enjoy their retirement years in peace and tranquility, the Malibu real estate listings has something for everyone. Many of the properties which are featured under our listings are remote and peaceful canyon properties, which are removed from the central beaches and as such, offer year-round serenity and several artists or writers opt to purchase these properties, as they find the peace and quiet creatively stimulating. Other Malibu real estate listingsare beachfront properties which offer the most exquisite ocean views. These listing are ideal choices as holiday homes or year round homes for the family or couple looking for the best beachfront property in Southern California.

One of the Malibu real estate listings is the Cave Way Topanga property. This canyon property is surrounded by boulders, streams and waterfalls and is the ideal escape as a holiday home or as home for an inspiring writer or artist who wants to soak up the wonders of nature and be removed from the hustle and bustle of life. The floor plan of the property was designed in such as way as to enhance the natural surroundings and the multiple decks of the home allows for outdoor and indoor entertaining. For more details on this charming, yet elegant canyon property, feel free to visit the Topanga Malibu website. While browsing our site, home buyers can view the other Malibu real estate listings, such as the lovely beachside home in Topanga, CA. This home has enclosed gardens with mature trees, which adds to the overall charm of the beachside home. The ideal location of this listing offers easy access to nearby stores and is moment away from the beach. This property is listed at $799,000 and images of the interior and exterior of the home can be viewed on our website. From rambling California styled ranches, such as the Marc Appleton estate, to the prairie style home which has been finished off in glass, steel and polished concrete, our Malibu real estate listings will appeal to several buyers looking to enjoy the spoils of this gorgeous region.