ChristineMalibu New Homes

Malibu is a peaceful area, and more than boasting mesmerizing views of the surrounding mountains, canyons and coastline, the property buyer will find that they can select from a number of new homes which have recently been built in Malibu. Although the Malibu new homes appeal to home buyers, the area also offers older yet restored properties. In terms of Malibu new homes, the Topanga Malibu Property website,, features several new and custom built homes, such as the Mediterranean style home which has been built into the canyon and as such, this new home offers a breathtaking view of the coast of Malibu, as well as the vastness of the surrounding mountains. The other new homes include secluded canyon sanctuaries, beach cottages and sprawling

Malibu mansions which were designed by leading architects and the beauty of the natural surroundings has been included to form part of the design of the homes. The canyons which are a part of the Malibu landscape provide a backdrop for many of the new homes, and by going through the residential listing featured on the website, the property buyer can view the different Malibu new home choices which vary in price and can suit any home buying budget. Discerning property buyers look for Malibu custom new homes which are a one-time design, and because the new homes have incorporated the natural surroundings, a number of the Malibu new homes offers large patios as well as floor to ceiling windows to offer unobstructed views of the outdoors, be it the coast or the magnificence of the mountains and canyons.

The Malibu new homes also offer professionally landscaped gardens which have been landscaped in such a way as to draw attention to the natural surrounding of the homes. One of the new home listings is for a prairie style home which was designed by an architectural team that went on to win awards for their incredible design talent. This prairie styled new home is contrasted by modern and trendy building materials which include glass, steel and polished concrete, which brings out the beauty of the home, and creates functionality in the home. As with many of the Malibu new homes, this home is situated close to the mountains and as such, homeowners enjoy easy access to Topanga’s hiking and biking trails. The other added feature of this new home is the private office suite which is attached to the home, and a private guest suite with a separate entrance. Many of the Malibu new homes have made certain that entertainment areas form part of the home, and this home offers a secluded and private entertainment area. To view this particular home as well as the other Malibu new homes, take a moment to visit the Topanga Malibu home website.

The Mediterranean style is yet another of the Malibu new home listing and during the building of this home, extra attention was paid to the roof of the home, and the Mediterranean high beam ceilings and dual-paned windows. As with most other Malibu new homes, this home offers three bedrooms and two and half bathrooms, with a spacious kitchen and a built-in breakfast bar. The home is listed for under a million, and images of the property may be viewed on the Topanga Malibu website