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Malibu Leasing

Those relocating to a new town often find that leasing is the best method, as buying a property is a big commitment and unwise for those who do not know much about the area and the current property prices. On the flip side of the coin, wise property buyers appreciate the value that Malibu properties offer and they buy Malibu properties as an investment and lease the properties out those looking for Malibu leasing options. By browsing our website,, a prospective tenant is able to view the Malibu leasing options which are available through Topanga Malibu Property such as the Craftsman home on Montau Drive in Topanga. As with most properties, this home offers unspoiled views of the mountains and it offers wooden floors throughout, a large walk-in master closet, with a large pantry and spacious kitchen. This Malibu leasing has a washer and dryer and gardening services are included in the rental price of $3,500.00. With Malibu being a prime vacation destination, several of the leasing properties are quickly scooped up by tenants who are looking for short term leases or for a lease for the summer months.

Christine Kapetan is a leading real estate agent who deals only in properties in Malibu Topanga, and her drive to succeed has allowed Christine has continued to do well despite the fall in the property prices. Christine, however, does not just match up property with buyers, and when it comes to investment buying, Christine understands that this is a major decision and her aim is to protect her client’s interests. The properties which are featured under the residential listings on our website are a combination of peaceful and secluded canyon properties, which are far from the bustling beaches-creative people, like artists or authors looking for Malibu leasing options that will give them the chance to work in total peace and stimulate their creativity. In the same vein, those who are moving to Malibu opt to lease rather than buy property and our Malibu leasingproperties are offered as either short or long term leases.

The property in Waveview, Topanga is another of the Malibu leasing properties and has a monthly rental of $4,400.00-although the rental may be considered high, when the size of the home is seen, the rental is justified. The rental has a spacious floor plan which boasts a charming wood burning fireplace and a roomy living room, with a nice sized kitchen and breakfast nook. The rock gardens are an extension of the surrounding mountains and the secluded and tranquil setting makes this Malibu leasing property a great choice for a vacation home, or a chance for a creative talent to escape and simply enjoy the seclusion. The all-year-round perfect Malibu climate means that leasing can be done throughout the year and the investment buyer will enjoy a steady and stable income. Christine will help the Malibu buyer to draw up leases that will offer protection for their properties and as a long-time resident of Malibu, Christine can offer guidance to investment buyers to allow them to make the correct choice on a property that will generate a good income.