Malibu Leases

A number of discerning property buyers appreciate the value which Malibu properties offer and as such, they purchase the properties as an investment, and to make steady money on their investments, they lease out the properties, either as vacation homes or to Malibu residents looking for long or short term leases. Christine Kapetan is a leading real estate agent who deals with properties in Malibu Topanga, and with steadfast determination, Christine has been able to remain at the top of her game, in spite of the recent downward trend in property prices. Christine does more than simply match up real estate with buyers, and in terms of investment buying, she appreciates that this decision is a major one and will ensure that once the sale has gone through, her client’s interests are protected with proper leases. The fact that most of the properties shown the listings on our website are either remote and peaceful canyon properties, which are removed from the central and bustling beaches, several creative individuals, such as writers or artists, look for such Malibu leases where they can take advantage of the peace and find their creative stimulation. Families relocating to Malibu also often sign short team leases, while they search for a property to purchase that will meet their needs.

The other Malibu listings are beachfront properties and their prime location and fabulous views make these homes perfect vacation homes and as such, vacationers sign short team leases for summer vacations. With Malibu’s warm year-round climate, the leases are also signed by those who are looking for a winter getaway and a chance to enjoy an escape from city life. One of the properties in Malibu which is situated in Topanga, is a charming and quaint country cottage. This property will prove to be a worthwhile investment, and will serve as a permanent home, or a holiday home and the Malibu buyer is guaranteed to find tenants who will be happy to sign a lease for this property. The cottage has a view of the surrounding mountains and the wood burning fireplace adds to the charm of the cottage. Christine will assist the Malibu buyer to draw up leases for their investment properties and being a resident of Malibu, she is on hand to guide buyers in making the right decision on a Malibu investment property that will generate an income.

While browsing our website, investment buyers can see the other Malibu listings, like the gorgeous beachside home in Topanga. This home offers a private garden which has mature trees, and the ideal location of this home offers easy access to nearby stores and is moments away from the beach. In terms of sought-after properties in Malibu, the owner will have no problem in finding year-round tenants for this home. The Malibu leases may be offered on a short term or long term basis. The listings of properties avialble in Malibu are made up of stunning beachfront properties and canyon retreats, both of which are favored getaway properties and the leases will ensure that an easy income is generated. For all listings, visit the Topanga Malibu Property website,