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Malibu CA Real Estate

As I’m constantly reminded when I browse shops or attend events in the area, one of the reasons all the Malibu CA real estate for sale out there winds up selling so quickly is because of the casual, laid back attitude of Malibu natives and inhabitants. When prospective buyers start considering a purchase of real estate in Malibu, CA, they often naturally assume that such an affluent township would have a somewhat snobbish, upper-crust, and aristocratic kind of feel to it. Nothing could be further from the truth!

I’ve been working with and around real estate in Malibu CA for years, and I can tell you plainly that the people in the Malibu area are down to earth and relaxed. Maybe there’s something about living close to the ocean that keeps you centered or settled, but anytime I get a call to put a new piece of Malibu real estate up for sale, I always find myself working with a friendly face. My clients who purchase Malibu CA real estateinvariably find themselves following suit with the native population, relaxing more, worrying less, and just generally enjoying the sunsets, beaches, and the constant, gentle sound of the ocean that permeates the area.

As peaceful and relaxed as the local Malibu population is, they are still quite proud of the interesting tidbits that make Malibu a unique and interesting place to live. The indigenous Chumash Native American tribes who initially populated the Malibu area enjoy a number of references in local shops and culture here, even generating unique and appealing structural and artistic designs throughout the community.

On the technical side, few people know that Malibu, CA was the first place in the world that a working laser beam prototype was successfully fired. In 1960, right here at the world-renowned Hughes Research Laboratories, one of the longest-lived enterprises in Malibu, the legendary Dr. Theodore Maiman blasted a hole through a piece of iron and made history – science fiction fans, eat your hearts out!

Hughes Research Laboratories, now known as HRL Laboratories, LLC, has been a major aerospace researcher and defense contractor for years, and has had a hand in everything from the atmospheric entry probe for the Galileo spacecraft project to the development of consumer-based satellite television. To be sure, the inclusion of such a venerable company in the Malibu community is yet another reason why real estate in Malibu CA is so highly sought.

But by far the most important aspect of Malibu – and the key advantage of any piece of real estate for sale in Malibu – is direct access to the ocean. Malibu has 21 miles of gorgeous, pristine sandy beaches, stretching as far as the eye can see in either direction. Malibu is one of the only townships in the world that can claim each one of its residents is within a few hundred yards of the beach. What a wonderful place to live!