If It’s Meant To Be



Our home. For many of us (unless we are like D. J. Trump) our house is our most valuable material asset. Throughout my career helping people buy and sell properties, I’ve witnessed the intense joy, fear, stress, and to be frank, drama involved in the process. It’s understandable, considering the huge, life changing ramifications involved.  I have some philosophies to share and stories to tell that I hope will help you navigate the process with grace.


First, tell yourself, if it is meant to be it will be. This is an important mindset when selling and shopping for a house. There are a lot of houses out there, and just as many buyers. Trust that it’s going to happen when the time is right.

Here’s a true story.  Recently, I was helping some clients of mine who were looking for their second house, and needed to sell their first house to afford the new. Their home went into escrow…great! Except when FEMA declared that the federal agency was shifting their flood plane zones (probably due to Katrina!) and, unbeknownst to my sellers, their home now required an extra flood insurance policy.  The flood policy was tacking on prohibitive monthly insurance fees for the new buyer, now in escrow. The sale required careful and diligent handling of the FEMA personnel, the insurance companies involved, the buyer, and the lender. (By the way, if this happens to you, there’s a way to mitigate the insurance costs by having a surveyor create a certificate of elevation and submitting it to FEMA). We managed to work out the problem and the house did sell, but there was a delay of a few weeks.The owners, with a buyer in escrow for their house, were excited to be shopping for their next dream home, and they fell in love with one in particular. However, because the sale of their current home was delayed, they lost that house to another buyer.  The wife was very upset and cried a little as they surrendered and let the house go to someone else. But, here’s the miracle ending: because they needed to wait, they ended up getting an incredible deal on an even more amazing  house in Malibu with an ocean view that came back on the market at just the right time. My clients did not think they could afford this area and honestly, if this Malibu house had not fallen out of escrow the day prior and the seller not been anxious for a fast sale (She was also in escrow on another house!)  I am not sure my clients would be living  there today. My clients are thrilled that they were delayed, even though at the time, it seemed like the end of the world as we know it.  I like to call this situation “the seemingly bad” event that brings about a better event.

It is easy for me to see the forest through the trees because I have seen these deals play out so many times. Part of my job is to help my clients understand that if one door does not open, there’s another door that will open, and when it does it will be even better.  As my friend Dallas says: “We are always moving from our good to our greater good”!


This may sound kinda “woo-woo” to some people. Don’t get this philosophy confused with inaction. I believe in being alert, ready and educated. We always do our best for the greatest outcome; however, surrendering something that we are emotionally attached to once it has become out of our reach takes strength and trust.


For over a decade I’ve attended a weekly Monday evening spiritual teaching. In this workshop, taught by Dallas Snyder, we learn about the power of positive thoughts  and metaphysics. Many great philosophers, scientists and teachers (Deepak Chopra, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Albert Einstein to name just a few) agree that there is a real advantage to thinking positively and correctly. Each morning, my husband and I  like to read a passage from a book by Emmet Fox called “Around the Year with Emmet Fox“.  It inspires me to think positively, helps my mood and relationships and generally keeps me on track with making my life feel better.

I’m happy to say that some extraordinarily fortunate events have happened for me and for my clients.  Working hard, being careful and using intelligence and acquired skills have played an essential part in this  success, but I believe an element of fortune has come to us because of practicing the power of attraction. The power of attraction, simply put, is the concept that our positive thoughts and intentions attract good things to us. When I am looking for a house for a client I picture what I think the perfect house will be and I say “we are going to find the perfect house and the perfect house is going to find us”. Same thing with selling a house or property: “The right buyer is there and coming soon”.

If I am selling a house I like to bless it every time I enter or leave. I will even talk to the house and say “thanks and goodbye” when I leave. This kind of extra attention gets me thinking about who the perfect new owner will be. It helps me market the property with more care and to notice the home’s unique qualities.  It enables me to speak about the property in a way that makes it more of a home. After all, it’s a living space.

I’ve noticed that the people selling a house have similarities to the people who are going to buy it. Like attracts like. It makes sense because our ideas about what is a great space is a part of our personality. The circumstances, financial status, and family sizes are usually similar as well. This knowledge helps me market the house properly and advertise in the right venues.


I think these and other similar philosophies are very powerful and can be applied to everyone’s life or business. I’ve given only one example from my own experience to show you how these concepts are more than just words but methods of acting and thinking that have positive outcomes.


I am sure if you think about it you can find some examples of these truths in your own life.