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Malibu Real Estate

Sometimes, as I peruse my listings for all the Malibu homes for sale, I often marvel at the deep, rich history of the Malibu area, and how many times Malibu real estate has changed hands over the years.

Malibu CA Real Estate

As I’m constantly reminded when I browse shops or attend events in the area, one of the reasons all the Malibu CA real estate for sale out there winds up selling so quickly is because of the casual, laid back attitude of Malibu natives and inhabitants.

Malibu Homes For Sale

If you’re shopping for a home in Malibu and wondering what kinds of local attractions you can look forward to, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the wide list of activities, local shopping, and culinary delights that await you.


Topanga Real Estate

While the property in Malibu proper is easily some of the most highly sought and gorgeous in the world, many clients are unaware of all the wonderful housing and recreational areas surrounding the township of Malibu, CA.

Topanga Canyon Homes For Sale

To give you an idea of what to expect from Malibu and Topanga Canyon homes for sale, I’d like to give you a virtual tour of some of the recently closed properties in and around the Malibu area.

Topanga Canyon Real Estate Listings

If you’re wondering whether or not Malibu or Topanga California real estate is right for you, allow me to enlighten you.