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The listings on the Topanga Malibu Property website,, is made up of canyon sanctuaries, beach cottages and sprawling.


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A number of discerning property buyers appreciate the value which Malibu properties offer and as such, they purchase the properties as an investment.


Malibu Leasing

Those relocating to a new town often find that leasing is the best method, as buying a property is a big commitment and unwise for those who do not know much.


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Malibu is a peaceful area, and more than boasting mesmerizing views of the surrounding mountains, canyons and coastline, the property buyer will find that they can select.


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Christine Kapetan is a real estate agent in Malibu, Topanga, who through determination and hard work, has managed to stay at the top of her field.


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If you want to buy or rent properties in Malibu, then finding Topanga Apartments or homes in the area perfect for your needs and budget can be quite a chore.


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When you are looking for real estate in Topanga, buy a home with confidence with the help of professional realtor, Christine Kapetan.


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Should you wish to invest in a family home in Topanga then you will be thrilled to see the excellent value for money listings currently available at Topanga.


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Christine Kapetan is an expert Topanga realtor with an impeccable reputation built on client satisfaction when it comes to property dealings.


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Topanga in Malibu Southern California is a beautiful coastal location that offers you a vacation-type lifestyle, so if you are in the market for a family.


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The Topanga house listings which can be seen on our website are perfect for a young couple, or a family with small children.


Topanga House Listings

Topanga was named by the Tongva tribe, and the word means ‘a place above’. Visitors to the area will certainly appreciate the significance of the name.


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For a tranquil vacation-style living experience, you can hardly do better than choosing to move to Malibu, which is also a popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world.


Topanga Land

A good Topanga land deal is the land which is located on Canyon Boulevard. This land is considered to be raw land as investigations on the land have not been conducted


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Topanga has many parcels of land for sale, such as the two parcels of very private and very secluded land in Vessey Road.


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If you are looking for Topanga listings, then Topanga Malibu Property can be a perfect place for you. The company’s website has listings for many houses for sale in Topanga.


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Located on the mountains of Santa Monica between Pacific Palisades and Malibu, the village of Topanga is famous for its beauty and charm.


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If you are looking to buy or sell Topanga property, Topanga Malibu Property can help you make the most of your real estate investment. The company has all the right tools.


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Are you thinking of moving to Topanga? If so, you need to find out about houses available in the area. Topanga realtors can provide you with all the required information.


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Located in the splendor of the mountains of Santa Monica, Topanga has an amazing selection of houses.